About Us

Mindful Zones is an educational, mental health and metaphysical collaborative group which spreads the benefits of mindful awareness and practices to all through intensive coursework and training. Participants learn and practice mindfulness skills and techniques which are used to increase and build the ability to be mindful – an inherent basic human ability to be fully present in the moment, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by environmental factors.

Mindful Zones believes that by practicing the pause, we learn how to act less and “let be” more.  With the focus on self-care, well-being and stress reduction and anxiety management, they will be empowered by utilizing mindfulness practices.

It is anticipated that through this type of cognitive based therapy, the art of meditation and mindfulness will restore us to a calmer state within utilizing multiple modalities of kindness, compassion and connection to each other, beyond our practice.

Research continues to reveal that our societal pressures and cultural stressors are widespread and impact every age group. Mindful Zones will provide them with the life skills to manage their reaction to their environment, by addressing the stress present in the lives of the educators and students through mindfulness practices and lessons.

Mindful Zones offers day, week-long and month-long trainings tailored specifically for your group – children, educators, parents, counselors, schools, private and public individuals, groups and companies.

*Important Note:  Mindfulness training is not a brief or perfunctory exposure.  Certified mindfulness teachers have spent hundreds of hours of study in neuroscience, classroom management, social and emotional skills, mental health development, and maintain their personal mindfulness practice.  Be sure to engage a certified, experienced mindfulness instructor.